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Bug#47212: libg++272_2.7.2.8-1(unstable): build error

Roman Hodek writes:
 > Package: libg++272
 > Version:
 > Severity: important
 > I tried to recompile libg++272 for m68k, but it failed with the
 > following messages:


 > I'm not a C++ expert, but it seems that something with the friend decl
 > in the smanip template is handled differently by gcc as expected and
 > later some fields are private where they are needed.
 > I wonder why this didn't show up on i386. The compiler (g++
 > should be the same.

It showed up as well :( The libg++272 _and_ the gcc272 packages were
translated on a glibc-2.0 based system. Not sure if it's worth making
these to build on glibc-2.1, because no native Debian package depends
on the old libg++ (well, one or two ...). Another thing are the
libstdc++2.8 and libstdc++2.9 packages.

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