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Which gc.h?

I got past the mailx problem by simply placing a "bare" shell script in
/usr/bin/mailx, and making it executable.

This got the compilation going, but after an hour or so the build died
because, in gc.c, the references to gc.h and gc_typed.h were not found.

Looking at the Contents file for potato, I saw lots of packages that
provide a copy of gc.h, but only two that provide gc_typed.h: libgc4-dev,
and openc++. They do _not_ provide these files in /usr/include, but in
their own subdirectories within /usr/include/.

At the very least, I can install one of these packages, and, if necessary,
move the files into /usr/include, but the question remains, which one?

Or, is there some other solution to this failure?


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