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Bug#976170: tex-common: Problem installation in update.

El 30/11/20 a las 22:42, Norbert Preining escribió:
reassign 976170 texlive-latex-base retitle 976170 lamed format gone, > needs to break against old texlive-formats-extra thanks > > Hi Hilmar, >
> lamed format is not supported anymore, see svn 56521 of tl, or > https://git.texlive.info/texlive/commit/?id=534911737e36bfcec8bad990f0b7245ce2902758 > > since aleph (engine) does not support the necessary commands.
> We need to add a Breaks: texlive-formats-extra (<< 2020.20201129) to >
texlive-latex-base so that the latex-base is only updated together > with formats-extra, from where the lamed format should disappear. > > OK. The problem,indeed, it is in the affected package that you indicate.

It didn't count that it would affect tex-latex-base than anything else.

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