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Bug#974724: no useful documentation of pdfjam commands

On Sat, 14 Nov 2020, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> First, in former times it was easy to find pdfjam because the package

Yes, but now it is part of the TeX Live group and we cannot include the
long description of every single included TeX package in the long
description of the Debian package, it would fill a book.

> Second, the documentation is useless. The manpage refers to ONLINE
> documentation. IMHO this should be part of a package and NOT require a
> user to establish internet connection. There is no offline version of
> that README.md as far as I can see.

	texdoc pdfjam
gives you the README file of pdfjam with additional documentation, and
	texdoc pdfpages
gives you the documentation of the additional key/value pairs accepted.

Do you expect that pdfjam duplicates the complete documentation of

> Even the --help output is not helping. It tells a few things about
> options but it does NOT mention what the actual operations are.

It says that it is any of the many keys of pdfpages, so you need to read
the documentation of pdfpages, which incidentally can be found with the
above command.

So I really don't see what else can be provided ... 



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