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Bug#670040: pax do not work at all

On 23.04.12 Heiko Oberdiek (heiko.oberdiek@googlemail.com) wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 08:05:32AM +0900, Norbert Preining wrote:

Dear Heiko,,

> > we got a bug report in Debian that pax does not work, and the 
> > reason is that pdfbox is much newer in Debian, namely 1.6.0 from
> > Apache:
> > 

> Currently I don't have time to update pax to the new pdfbox.
> TL freeze is nearing and my bundle update is more important to me.
> At least the update of README is on the way to CTAN.
Any chance to have pax/pdfannotextractor working w/ recent pdfbox in
the future?


sigmentation fault

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