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Re: texlive-base_2013.20140314-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

Hi Hilmar,

> So, we took over pgf. In the moment I'm going through the bugs of pgf
> to check if they can be closed (should be the case for most of them).
> The others needs to be re-assigned.

And the same for the next upload which brings xcolor and beamer
into TeX Live packages again.

I suggest doing the same as I did for TeX Live. Close *ALL* bugs that
are not Debian related or TeX Live realted, and tell people they should
send them to up-upstream.

I will not and don't want to track bugs for upupstream here.

I have closed a few bugs in pgf and now in the preparation of xcolor
and beamer that are fixed by the update.

Thanks a lot!


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