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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Fonts from package misbehave in exported PDF

Hi everyone,

so I tried it and also here the accented chars are broken. BUT, as far
as I see only those outside of iso-8859-1 (or -15).

THose outside seem to be recreated with the accents and backspaces,
and the forward space afterwards is missing.

> > BUT it happens only if I use Debian package (tex-gyre). If I download fonts 
> > from upstream website and put them in ~/.fonts/ OR take font files from Debian 
> > packages and put them into /usr/share/fonts/opentype/, then exported PDF is 
> > rendering just fine.

Ahhhh ... I guess I see what is going on:

- the tex-gyre package in Debian only makes the *type1* fonts (.pfb)
  available for X.

- the characters outside the iso range are unencoded chars in the afm,
  so I guess that is the problem why libreoffice recreates them in a
  strange way, or better the export to pdf is broken

- when you put the *opentype* fonts into a place where libfontconfig
  finds them, lbireoffice seems to prefer the opentype fonts, and
  there all the glyphs are prefabricated.

- add 
  to the fontconfig path in /etc/fonts/local.conf
  run fc-cache -f as root

- or something similar as user in .fonts/ ...

And indeed with that no further installation is necessary, but
you have to select the right font!!!

	TeXGyreSchola   -> type1 version in .pfb 
	TeX Gyre Schola -> otf version

With the otf version all is fine.

Does that help?

Best wishes

Norbert Preining            preining@{jaist.ac.jp, logic.at, debian.org}
JAIST, Japan                                 TeX Live & Debian Developer
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