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Bug#685916: texlive-extra-utils package description refers to commands in texlive-binaries or not available

tags 685916 +wontfix

Hi Luigi,

> Could you please fix the package descriptions (for both
> texlive-extra-utils and texlive-binaries)?

No. I have no intention to do that. Because the fix that would be
the only reasonable wrt the descriptions is to make all the
texlive packages arch any (!!!) and build all out of one source
package. Both things that *I* wouldn't mind but Debian doesn't want.

texlive-binaries' existence is only because it collects the actually
compiled stuff. It should be a hidden package that only delivers
packages. THe real "content" is always in one of the other 
texlive-packages, in this case in texlive-extra-utils.

Furthermore, the names mentioned in the descriptions are not
program names, but the upstream TeX Live package names.

And no, we will not change this description to list the actual
binaries, because that would increase 10fold (guess)

On So, 26 Aug 2012, Luigi Toscano wrote:
> Commands part of texlive-binaries packages:
> bibtex8
> bibtexu
> ctie
> detex
> dvi2tty
> dvicopy
> dvipos
> dvisvgm
> patgen
> synctex
> tie
> tpic2pdftex


> Commands not available in any package (or at least I was not able to
> find them):
> cweb

	man cweb
I suggest trying that one.

> dtl

Indeed, that is the binary called dv2dt

> dviljk

man dvihp 
man dvilj

> hyphenex

hyphenation exceptions for US english, used in LaTeX

> installfont

installfont-tl is the respective binary, try
	texdoc installfont

> pdftools

e2pall, pdfclose, pdfopen pdftosrc

> seetexk

dvibook, dviconcat, dviselect, dvitodvi

> texware

dvitype, pooltype

> web

tangle, weave

Best wishes

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