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Bug#684409: texlive-lang-french: missing dependencies for facture class

Le 12.08.2012 12:18, Frank Kuester a écrit :
Gabriel Kerneis <kerneis@pps.jussieu.fr> writes:

the texlive-lang-french provides (among others) the facture class. To be
used, this class requires the following packages:
- texlive-xetex, for the xetex/xelatex binary
- texlive-latex-extra, for makecmds.sty
- etoolbox, for etoolbox.sty
- texlive-generic-extra, for fltpoint.sty.

I'm not sure whether these should be mandatory or only recommanded
dependencies, but it would help a lot not having to look for them one by one.

They are for sure not mandatory, since not everyone who installs
texlive-lang-french wants to use the facture class. Unless you convince
me that most or at least really many french TeX users use it, I think
that even Recommends is too much.  The question is rather whether we
make it a Suggests - or nothing at all, because we usually take our
dependency information from upstream, but they won't introduce the
Suggests concept, I'm sure.

I'd say either make it a Suggest (which seems the best to me, but I understand your point about upstream), or at least mention them in README.Debian. Playing hide and seek with dependencies when trying to compile is really frustrating.

Kind regards,

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