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Re: RFH: non-blocking desktop conforming viewer

Hi Reinhard,

thanks for your answers

On Mo, 06 Aug 2012, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> > Unfortunately, xdg-open, at least under gnome, is non-blocking, i.e.,
> > immediately returns (in fact it is the underlying gvfs-open that
> > returns immediately), which makes it impossible to use texdoc
> > for searching and viewing compressed docs.
> That sounds like an easy-to-implement extension in xdg-open.

Unfortunately not. Since it calls gvfs-open it is the fault of
gvfs-open in this case. In other cases it calls evince, which is 

It depends on the program xdg-open chooses, whether it is blocking
or not. So that is something that cannot be easily fixed in xdg-open.

> > I see several options here:
> > * forget about compressed documentation
> >   PDF since format 1.4 has internal compression, meaning that
> >   the other compression does not win a lot at all
> >   We could advise packagers to use dh_compress -X.pdf
> I'm not sure, but wouldn't it be better to change dh_compress to do
> the right thing and use the pdf format internal compression instead of
>  running gzip?

THat is not something dh_compress can do, that is pdf creation time.
I guess there *might* be a way to recompress pdfs, but that is dangerous
at least I guess.

Best wishes

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