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Bug#682939: xfonts-utils, xfonts-encodings, debhelper: installing xfonts-tipa removes /usr/share/fonts/X11/encodings/encodings.dir

On 2012-07-27 13:22, Daniele Tricoli wrote:
> piuparts seems to be ok now (logfile attached).

You can't rerun the test with the released piuparts, only with the
version from git. But it's easy to test without piuparts:

install the package in a clean minimal chroot (e.g. pbuilder, cowbuilder)

/usr/share/fonts/X11/encodings/encodings.dir should not disappear, test with
  debsums xfonts-encodings


PS: You probably want to do this, too:

bts reassign 682939 xfonts-tipa 2:1.3-17

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