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Re: Possible freeze exception for texlive-bin

On 25.07.2012 08:57, Norbert Preining wrote:
On Mi, 18 Jul 2012, Norbert Preining wrote:
The changes in the release I would like to upload are two-fold:

* documentation/format/lintian warning fixes
  . some superficial white-space in control file removed
  . better descriptions in the control file

Is that a full list of the changes for the packaging? They sound okay at the moment (as documentation fixes), but a full debdiff would be appreciated for a
final check.

* code change for ptex
recently a bug in ptex (Japanese Publishing TeX) was reported in the
  Japanese TeX forum and immediately afterwards fixed in the
  TeX Live upstream svn repository.

  The code change is minimal:
--- texlive-bin-2012.20120628.orig/texk/web2c/ptexdir/ptex-base.ch 2012-05-12 21:40:41.000000000 +0900 +++ texlive-bin-2012.20120628/texk/web2c/ptexdir/ptex-base.ch 2012-07-18 02:19:29.125987453 +0900
  @@ -2149,7 +2149,7 @@
   else if cur_tok<cs_token_flag+single_base then
   else cur_val:=cur_tok-cs_token_flag-single_base;
  -if (cur_val>255)and(cur_cmd<kanji) then
+if (cur_val>255)and((cur_cmd<kanji)or(cur_cmd>max_char_code)) then
     begin print_err("Improper alphabetic or KANJI constant");
   @.Improper alphabetic constant@>
help2("A one-character control sequence belongs after a ` mark.")@/

If that's literally the entire change, then I think we could accomodate that. As above, please let us have a debdiff anyway, if only for documentation purposes.



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