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Re: Bug#666647: Still cannot use LaTeX with cyrillic symbols

[added debian-tex-maint@ldo to Cc]

On Sat, 2012-07-14 at 14:54 +0300, Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> When the maintainter created this package many years ago (that was me) 
> there was no such conflict and the font names of the package were 
> compliant with the font name guidelines used by the TeX community.
> http://tug.org/fontname/html/
> As far as I know, at that time no TeX font conflicted with these names 
> and in particular no Debian package shipped fonts with conflicting font 
> names.
> A long time passed since then.  I no longer feel myself competent to 
> either assess properly the present conflict or to be sure I am 
> implementing the right solution.
> Dropping scalable-cyrfonts-tex is not something desirable.  This package 
> provides several styles whose effect (I think) is not achievable without 
> this package.  I mean styles such as cyrtimes, cyrbookman, cyrnewcent, 
> cyrpalatino, teams.

TeX maintainers - any comments / thoughts?



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