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Re: updmap symlink

Hi Frank,

On Di, 10 Jul 2012, Frank Küster wrote:
> why is the symlink 
> /usr/bin/updmap -> ../share/texlive/texmf/scripts/tetex/updmap.pl
> in texlive-binaries, whereas the target is in texlive-base?  

Well, good question, but not so simple to explain: In the texlive
sources there are several different way that things are installed
during the build process:
* normal binaries and scripts build via configure etc in most of the dirs
  (that are most of the cases, for example source/texk/lacheck)

* linked_scripts stuff: source/texk/texlive/linked_scripts
  that are scripts that solely reside in texmf-dist and are only 
  linked to the bin dir, that are most of the scripts
  These scripts I catch and added the necessary link targets to
  the tpm2deb.cfg for generation of the links
  (example texliveonfly, pax, mkjobtexmf, ...)

* the *special* cases in source/texk/tetex, here is the source
  where updmap is coming from.
  The normal build process installs a *link* for updmap already,
  that is why we have the link in texlive-binaries

I patched the makefiles so that all the linked_scripts stuff is
not done at all, but generate them in the tpm2deb.cfg file
and .links

But I do not and cannot disable the tetex directory, as there are
other important things, like fmtutil (which are copies!!).

At some point this might be made simpler.

Current solutions would be:
- patch the Makefile.am to not install updmap symlink, and link it
  in texlive-base
- patch the Makefile.am to install a copy of updmap in the same way
  as it is done for fmtutil
- ignore it for now

I hope that explains the situation a bit

> there we know where the target actually is on a Debian system.  But I am
> surprised to not find any symlinking code in svn for texlive-bin...

There is none, it is all in the original build system for TL.

Best wishes

Norbert Preining            preining@{jaist.ac.jp, logic.at, debian.org}
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