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Bug#483217: texlive-latex-base: 483217: status?

Hilmar Preusse <hille42@web.de> writes:

> On 29.06.12 Arne Wichmann (aw@anhrefn.saar.de) wrote:
>> begin  quotation  from Norbert Preining (in <20120627143050.GE25456@gamma.logic.tuwien.ac.at>):
>> > On Mi, 27 Jun 2012, Arne Wichmann wrote:
> Hi,
>> > > Given that, the relevant files should be removed from debian,
>> > > as they are not DFSG-free.  Am I wrong there?
>> > 
>> > Yes you are.
>> Could you please enlighten me about my misunderstanding?
> Please keep in mind that a few of the to be removed files are
> essential parts of a basic (La)TeX installation, i.e.  we can't
> remove them w/o getting another set of bugs "why is file xyz.sty
> gone?"

Moreover, nobody actually believes that Donald ever had the intention to
make these files non-free.  These statements are just very old and
written at a time were people didn't care about license details.  We do
care now, but Donald doesn't care enough to spend time on that.

I'm not sure, though, that the system would break without those files.

Regards, Frank

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