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Bug#674643: tex-common totally disables scalable-cyrfonts-tex package

On Mi, 04 Jul 2012, Hilmar Preusse wrote:
> retitle 674643 scalable-cyrfonts-tex is incompatible to texlive-fonts-extra -> move conflict to texlive-fonts-extra

I am not convinced that moving it to texlive-fonts-extra is a good idea.

Assume you have a document that uses the fonts as shipped in 
fonts-extra, but you have cyrfonts installed instead of fonts-extra.
That means that you will generate a completely wrong document.

So it is really not a conflict between fonts-extra and cyrfonts, but
all of TeX Live.

Someone has to simply take up these package, rip out the TeX stuff
and only ship the rest.

Best wishes

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