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Bug#674022: dpkg: error: --compare-versions takes three arguments: <version> <relation> <version>

clone 674022 -1
retitle -1 empty dirs are not removed on upgrade due to logic error
severity -1 important

On Mo, 25 Jun 2012, Anders Kaseorg wrote:
> I still think the logic here is not what was intended.  Because of the 
> underquoting, [ -n $old_version ] _always_ returns true, so that the 

No, it returns true only if an old version is set, that is on upgrades.

> --compare-versions test is now always short-circuited.  The apparent 
> intention is
>   if [ -n "$old_version" ] && dpkg --compare-versions "$old_version" le 2011.20120322-2
>                            ^^

That is indeed true ... should have been
	[ -z $old_version ] || ...
or as you suggested

I will fix it before release.

Best wishes

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