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Bug#676129: texlive: pdflatex generates an invalid pdf if a particular combination of images are inluded

Hi Thomas,

On Mo, 04 Jun 2012, Thomas A Caswell wrote:
> These are test cases for a very strange interaction I found with
> texlive 2012, garphix, pdflatex, a png, and a pdf.  All files needed
> to reproduce the bug are at

Interesting case.

> (error 14) with a range of acrobat readers (version 9 linux, an
> (up-to-date?) pro version on mac, and newish version on a mac) if
> compiled with texlive 2012 from debian unstable.  The pdf will open with and
> looks fine using xpdf, okular, and preview.   If the tex file is processed with
> texlive 2009, from debian stable, the generated pdf works fine in acrobat.

I can confirm this behaviour using TeX Live 2012 as is, without Debian.

I will forward this to the texlive and tex-k mailing lists, but I am
not sure if we can find a solution very quickly.

Thanks for your very detailed bug report, if we always would get
but reports like that, I would be happy!

Best wishes

Norbert Preining            preining@{jaist.ac.jp, logic.at, debian.org}
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