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Bug#516318: mathtools: prevent linebreak in \coloneqq (:=) et al.

reassign 516318 texlive-latex-recommended

On 20.02.09 Wouter Koolen-Wijkstra (wmkoolen@science.uva.nl) wrote:


> Package: texlive-math-extra
> Version: 2007.dfsg.16-1
> Severity: normal
> Currently, \coloneqq is composed of two symbols, a colon and an
> equals sign.  Latex allows linebreaks between them.  Semantically,
> := is a single symbol that should not be broken.
> With kind regards,
The mathtools style file has moved to texlive-latex-recommended ->
reassign again.

Further I found an old statement that the problem will be fixed.
Could you test, if it is still reproducible?

sigmentation fault

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