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Re: duplication of stix

Hilmar Preuße <hille42@web.de>
Fri, 25 May 2012 19:48:00 +0200

   On 25.05.12 Eythan Weg (eythanweg@gmail.com) wrote:
   > Just an alert that otf-stix and texlive-fonts-extra  contains the
   > same font.
   Thanks. I don't know, why we ship otf fonts, I guess XeTeX can use
   them. Do you eventually know if XeTeX can use the otf files provided
   by fonts-stix (not otf-stix) out of the box, i.e. from the location
   /usr/share/fonts/opentype/stix/ ?

Hi Hilmar,

I am not a user of xetex.  However, the documentation says that it can
use otf fonts anywhere on the file system.  The fonts-stix package
contains a newer version of stix that provides otf-stix. Also, I noted
that other fonts (like dejavu) in the texlive directories are linked to
system fonts (which gave me the idea).

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