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Bug#671610: dpkg: error processing tex-common (--configure)

On 05.05.12 Norbert Preining (preining@logic.at) wrote:


> > This is just the sub-bug. The initial problem (tex-common tries to
> > remove a file w/o checking if it exists (row 406 in tex-common
> > postinst) still exists.
> I disagree, these are two independent bugs. One about the tex-common
> trying ro remove texmf.cnf (which has to be here), and one about
> missing ulem, which breaks format building.
Correct. But the submitter was ignorant enough to file only one bug
(AFAICT).  I'd work on the first issue and silently ignore the second
one, I guess the submitter understood that it was his fault.

> The one about texmf.cnf .... I don't know, butcan be easy be fixed,
> although it is the failure of the sysadmin.
Not sure if it makes sense to investiage why /e/t/texmf.cnf was gone.
Maybe just replace "rm /etc/texmf..." by "rm -f /etc/texmf..." and
all is fine. Although this may hide a problem caused by another

sigmentation fault

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