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Re: Bug#666067: transition: libkpathsea6

Hi Adam,

> - okumura-clsfiles, ptex-jisfonts and vfdata-morisawa5 now appear to be
> virtual packages provided by texlive-lang-cjk, so I've assumed the "old"
> source packages should be removed from testing

Yes from my side, but the maintainers have to give their word.

> - cadabra depends on texlive-latex3, which no longer exists

I don't know which package (LaTeX package) they need, but it is probably in tl-latex-recommended or -extra. If they install texlive-full and the use dlocate to find the respective replacement it will be fixed in a minute. But I don't know what they need from the former -latex3

> - itrans depends on tex-common; the new version of tex-common Breaks the
> current version of itrans.

I know, this packagehas serious problems and I tried to fix a few of them but not all. I already informed the maintainers long time ago.

>  Likewise scalable-cyrfonts-tex.

Same here, I had several contacts with the maintainer. The problem is that this package provides a tex font name that is already in use since long and also since long in TeX Live. So installing this package would suddenly change all documents using the standard font names.

The maintainer seems to have orphaned this package, so probably the best is to male an upload of the source package were this one bin package is not build anymore.

> - dvi2ps-fontdesc-morisawa5 has a versioned dependency on
> vfdata-morisawa5 which can't be satisfied by the Provides

Should be adapted by the maintainers.

Anything else I can provide?


PS: leaving in 6 hours for 4 days without computer ...

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