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tex-common_3.4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

  to main/t/tex-common/tex-common_3.4.dsc
  to main/t/tex-common/tex-common_3.4.tar.gz
  to main/t/tex-common/tex-common_3.4_all.deb

tex-common (3.4) unstable; urgency=low
  * implement support for generation of language.dat.lua for luatex
    based formats:
    - extended update-fmtlang
    - change and extended the format of files in hyphen.d (needs rebuild
      of all providing packages!)
    - adapt dh_installtex for new format
  * start fixing the TeX-Debian-Policy document
  * do not add a universal fail clause in the debhelper generated
    maintainer scripts parts if the script is called with an
    unknown argument (scripts/post{inst,rm}-tex)
  * lintian warning: add addition makefile targets
  * doc: first run on updated documentation

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