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problem in xdvik man page

Dear TeX Live maintainers,

xdvik's man page has invalid comment syntax and has extra "#endif".

Attached patch fix problems as follow:
- start comment line with .\", not '
- add "#ifcolor" previous "-visitedlinkcolor" option (this option has only

Could you check it?

Best regards,
Mitsuya Shibata
Index: xdvik/xdvi.1.in
--- xdvik/xdvi.1.in	(リビジョン 25572)
+++ xdvik/xdvi.1.in	(作業コピー)
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
 .\" .if n .ds La LaTeX
 .if t .ds Te T\\h'-0.1667m'\\v'0.20v'E\\v'-0.20v'\\h'-0.125m'X
 .if n .ds Te TeX
-'	# small and boldface (not all -man's provide it)
+.\" # small and boldface (not all -man's provide it)
 .de SB
 \&\fB\s-1\&\\$1 \\$2\s0\fR
@@ -1664,6 +1664,7 @@
 Print information on the version of
 .BR xdvi .
 .BI \-visitedlinkcolor
 .RB ( .visitedLinkColor )

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