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TL2012: lintian warnings


I checked some lintian warnings for TL2012/texlive-binaries.
Listed up results in the mail, please advice and/or correct me.

manpage-section-mismatch usr/share/man/man1/detex.1.gz:1 1 != 1L
- texk/datex/datex.man has section "1L" in head of the file.
  However Makefile make name to "detex.1". Which do we should?
1. Ignore with override.
2. Change section in file, need patch for detex.1
3. Rename file to detex.1l, need patch for Makefile.am.

manpage-has-errors-from-pod2man usr/share/man/man1/dvilj.1.gz:689
- texk/dviljk/dviljk.pod missis last close list tag(==back).
  Therefore dvilj.man which is generated by pod2man remain error message.
1. Modify pod file, but to recreate man file, we needs add
   --enable-maitainer-mode to ./configure.
2. Modify man file, this POD ERROR has no mean for man format.

manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man1/etex.1.gz 98: warning:
macro `rb' not defined
- Its warning for debian/man-pages/etex.1. However there is
  more new man file in texk/web2c/man/etex.man, and it has
  no warning. Please drop debian's man file.

manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry usr/share/man/man1/mendex.1.gz
manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man1/mendex.1.gz 10: warning
[p 1, 2.2i]: can't break line
- texk/mendexk/mendex.1 is EUC-JP(not UTF-8).
  It seems that man and lexgrog cannot parse "mendexk \- EUCJPedTEXT".
  Do you know current lexgrog can parse EUC-JP correctly?
  Or are there any other EUC-JPed man files?

manpage-section-mismatch usr/share/man/man1/mendex.1.gz:3 1 != L
- mendex.1's section set to "L"(LaTeX?).
  As same detex.1, we has three options.
1. Ignore with override.
2. Change section in file, need patch for mendex.1
3. Rename file to mendex.L(I haven't see), need patch for Makefile.am.

manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man1/synctex.1.gz 3:
warning: macro `Th' not defined
- ".Th" is reviced to ".TH" in texk/web2c/synctexdir/man1/synctex.1.

manpage-section-mismatch usr/share/man/man1/texlinks.1.gz:1 1 != 8
- It seems that texlinks is command for sysadmins.
1. If so, we should patch to texk/tetex/Makefile.am to change section.
2. If not so, we should patch to texk/tetex/texlinks.man to change section.

manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man1/xdvi.1.gz 51: warning:
macro `#' not defined
- texk/xdvik/xdvi.1 is generated by texk/xdvik/mksedscript in Makefile.
  It seems that two consecutive #endif in line 1501 and 1674 is reason.

manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man5/synctex.5.gz  Using a
macro as first argument cancels effect of .Li (#61)
- There are many warnings in texk/web2c/synctexdir/man5/synctex.5.
  And debian/man-pages/synctex.5 does not need anymore (same as upstream).

manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man5/updmap.cfg.5.gz 74:
warning: macro `..' not defined
- At line 74 in texk/tetex/updmap.cfg.5, there is "..." at head of line.
  We need to avoid to use ".(not macro)" at head of line.

Best regards,
Mitsuya Shibata

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