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Re: TL2012 and paper config

On Sa, 03 Mär 2012, Frank Küster wrote:
> > I am not sure if we should install it somewhere else, (too?), but
> > this is a good place I think ;-) I need the modules for updmap,
> > and if I ever include user-mode tlmgr then we need anyway all the stuff.
> I wouldn't make them publically available in a Perl module directory.
> That would only force us to adhere to a fixed interface. 

Good that oyou agree.

> > Do you want me to create some mini-perl program that does only the
> > paper stuff?  Or is it enough clear what should happen?
> I must admit:  I am very much away from Perl programming currently.
> Either a mini program, or at least a mini-mini-program that shows how to

Yes, I will send you one soon.

Best wishes

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