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Bug#649830: please transition away from defoma

Package: tex-gyre
Severity: wishlist
User: pabs@debian.org
Usertags: defoma-removal

Your package ships a defoma hint file or depends on or uses defoma or
x-ttcidfont-conf. defoma is in the process of being removed from Debian:


If you have any questions about this transition, please contact the
Debian Fonts Task Force on our mailing list. We are also interested in
new people if you want to help us maintain, check and discuss fonts.


To help us complete the transition from defoma to fontconfig, please
remove any use of defoma or x-ttcidfont-conf from your package. Here are
some things that you might want to check in your package:

If installing your package causes defoma to modify the defoma
configuration file for fontconfig (/etc/fonts/conf.d/30-defoma.conf),
then you need to migrate those changes to a file in the fontconfig
directory /etc/fonts/conf.avail with a symlink in /etc/fonts/conf.d. In
some cases the config produced by defoma was not appropriate in the
first place and should be dropped.

Remove any mentions of defoma, defoma-doc, psfontmgr or x-ttcidfont-conf
from your debian/control file.

If you are running dh_installdefoma in your debian/rules file, simply
remove that call.

If you were shipping a defoma hint file and processing the hints file
using defoma in your maintainer scripts (postrm, postinst etc,
dh_installdefoma usually handles them) then on upgrade from a version
before the one that dropped you need to `defoma-font
purge-all /etc/defoma/hints/$PACKAGE.hints`, but only if the defoma-font
binary is available and executable.

If you are shipping a defoma hint file, then you will need to remove it
on upgrade. You can do so by adding this snippet to your postinst,
postrm and preinst maintainer scripts. You should replace $PACKAGE with
the name of the package and $VERSION with the version where you are
making the defoma hint conffile obsolete and removable:

if dpkg-maintscript-helper supports rm_conffile 2>/dev/null; then
  dpkg-maintscript-helper rm_conffile /etc/defoma/hints/$PACKAGE.hints $VERSION -- "$@"

If you were shipping a defoma backend then on upgrade from a version
before the one that dropped you need to run `defoma-app purge $PACKAGE`,
but only if the defoma-app binary is available and executable. If
defoma-app is not available then you could remove the relevant directory
in /var/lib/defoma/.



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