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Bug#648873: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#648873: cm-super: Please drop defoma support

Quoting Hilmar Preusse (hille42@web.de):

> I have a dumb question. Christian wrote:
> If you were using defoma in your maintainer scripts (postrm, postinst
> etc, dh_installdefoma usually handles them) then on upgrade from a
> version before the one that dropped you need to run defoma-app purge
> $PACKAGE, <snip>
> However I couldn't found an call to dh_installdefoma of any pointer
> to defoma in our scripts. Hence I think we don't need the requested
> change.
> Please clarify!

That's indeed why, IIRC, I didn't use defoma-app in the proposed patch...

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