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Bug#640952: Diacritics from Bitstream Charter are not translated to PDF

On Do, 08 Sep 2011, Martin Monperrus wrote:
> If you compile the latex below to DVI, and then to PDF using dvipdfmx,
> dvipdfmx produces the following error and the resulting PDF contains
> no diacritics.
> If you replace charter by lmodern, it works, so the bug may be in the
> font itself (Bitstream charter from

Interesting, when you do it directly with pdflatex then you get
a proper pdf file with diacritics so it seems to be a bug in dvipdfmx.

I can also confirm that this problem is present also in TL2011.

I will ask at the tl mailing llist. In the meantime I suggest using 

Best wishes

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