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Bug#622938: tex-common: printf: missing unicode digit for \u

Package: tex-common
Version: 2.09
Tags: patch

Maintainer scripts that interface with update-language-def yield a large
number of warnings in an upgrade log:

  /usr/sbin/update-language-def: line 779: printf: missing unicode digit for \u

This is because update-language-def calls printf like so:

    printf "
${PCC}${PCC}${PCC} No changes may be made beyond this point.

\uselanguage {USenglish}             ${PCC}${PCC}${PCC} This MUST be the
last li
ne of the file.
" >> "$tempfile"

and bash's printf interprets "\u" as an escape for a unicode codepoint.

To avoid this, it appears the backslash needs to be double-escaped, i.e.,


I've tested that this is safe on dash as well, though it doesn't matter
since update-language-def is declared as a bash script.

Please consider fixing this, making upgrade logs less noisy.

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