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Bug#622880: Little issue in a bibtex style

Hi Nicolas,

here in the Debian bug tracking system we got informed about a little
typo in CTAN/biblio/bibtex/contrib/bib-fr/plain-fr.bst.

There was a goof-up in the plain-fr bibtex style ; the comment says
how to translate "In"... but doesn't do it!

I'm proposing the following patch to solve that small issue.

--- plain-fr.bst.orig   2011-04-15 16:01:56.976855487 +0200
+++ plain-fr.bst        2011-04-15 16:02:25.424996556 +0200
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@

 FUNCTION{fr.in}{               %% "Dans "
-"\emph{In} "
+"\emph{Dans} "

 FUNCTION{fr.in.spc}{           %% " de " (ou " de la s\'erie ")


Please be so kind to comment on this.

Many thanks!

Hilmar, no I don't speak french.
sigmentation fault

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