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Re: Please update http://www.tug.org/texlive/debian.html

On 14.04.11 Reuben Thomas (rrt@sc3d.org) wrote:


> There's no mention of who wrote this page that I can see;
"(Status: 2010-01-15, np&mp)" ;-)

np := Norbert Preining
mp := ???

Yes, this is correct, a proper name would be nice.

> it'd be nice to mention that Debian stable now has TeXLive 2009,
Yes, correct. Norbert, do you have time to do so?

> and to say a word about plans for newer versions of TeXLive (e.g. 
> users might deduce that one can expect only odd-numbered versions
> to make it into Debian; is there anything to that?).
Well, this is not really a policy. It heavily depends on when Debian
will be released. As squeeze has been released in Feb, the next
release won't happen in 2011, hence we don't see a reason to package

> Putting a proper contact address on this page for fixes and updates
> would also be good.
In the Introduction the Debian TeX ML and the BTS is mentioned. What
else is needed?


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