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Bug#413045: texlive-latex-recommended: UTF8 listings error

On 06.03.07 Brooks Moses (bmoses@stanford.edu) wrote:
> At 04:38 AM 3/6/2007, Frank Küster wrote:

Hi Brooks,

This is about: http://bugs.debian.org/413045

Second try different address.

> >> I think it would be a good idea to document the
> >> "extendedchars=false" workaround also for that, much more
> >> common, case, or make it unnecessary (cannot this be detected
> >> automatically?).
> >
> >The problem is that the dvi file produced with extendedchares=false is
> >wrong.  Instead of 'réseau', it prints 'érseau':
> [...]
> >Any idea how to fix this?
We got an implementation suggestion from Julian Bangert. Please be so
kind to evaluate it:



> Unfortunately, at this point the only suggestion I have is that
> extended characters from packages that support multibyte characters
> need to go within TeX escapes within the listing.  I believe that
> works.  (To do that within the C++ example you included, just
> include "texcl" to the lstset options list.  It's a bit more
> complicated in the sh example, and there may not be a completely
> satisfactory solution there.)
> I had thought that extendedchars=false was sufficient, because the
> problem was originally reported with Chinese characters, where the
> misordering (and incorrect font, in some cases) is not visible,
> since they're not mixed with non-extended characters.  It seems that
> I was wrong.
> Unfortunately, making listings compatible with multibyte characters
> is going to be a long-term project.  It is, however, the top
> long-term project on my priority queue, which means that there is
> some possibility that it will happen by the 1.5 release.
> Sorry I don't have better news.

sigmentation fault

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