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Bug#286160: simplified infinite loop example

On 08.02.05 David I. Lehn (dlehn@debian.org) wrote:


> Attached is a slightly simplified complete example.  Try to build with:
> $ docbook2ps meow.xml
> If you take out one of the "meow"s it will build fine, otherwise it will
> spin forever.
Thanks for your input, but is has nothing to do with the problem. The
program docbook2ps either uses /usb/bin/jade or /usr/bin/openjade,
depending on which one exists. openjade is provided either by
openjade or by openjade1.3. With the latter the document can be
processed fine, which the first I get a crash.

I had a look at Debian unstable today, maybe things were different in
earlier times, however th code of all there packages is rather old
and hasn't be touched for a while in upstream.

sigmentation fault

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