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Bug#441595: not all libraries are customized, there is room for improvement

On 17.12.09 Enrico Tassi (gareuselesinge@debian.org) wrote:


> I offer my help in pushing the needed patches upstream, but I'll do
> that only if luatex upstreams agree on updating some of their libs
> and the Debian maintaner to remove the wontfix tag :-)
Norbert has sent your request upstream, and got the following
response from Taco:

Here is my opinion on those patches:

luafilesystem: that local patch will go away soon (it is possible to
  slide the new functions in elsewhere, where they are not interfering
  with the upstream).

luasocket: this (hstrerror) patch is good thing to go upstream.

luazip: this is not a local patch, I am just using an outdated

So, please push the patch for luasocket upstream or put the patch
into Debian. I'll ask Taco, whether he has already an opinion
regarding the patch for luafilesystem.

sigmentation fault

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