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Bug#598351: texlive-latex-base: Error when using lmodern fonts together with T1 fontenc

On 28/09/10 18:00, Eugen Dedu wrote:
On 28/09/10 15:36, Hilmar Preusse wrote:
On 28.09.10 Eugen Dedu (Eugen.Dedu@pu-pm.univ-fcomte.fr) wrote:


Package: texlive-latex-base
Version: 2009-10
Severity: important

I have an error when using lmodern fonts together with T1 fontenc
(as required by French babel to have correct hyphenation on
accentuated characters). When using pdflatex or latex on the
following text:


I receive always the following error:

! Font T1/cmr/m/n/10=ecrm1000 at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM)
file not found.
<to be read again>
l.100 \fontencoding\encodingdefault\selectfont

) (/usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/generic/babel/babel.sty

This tfm file is in texlive-latex-recommended. The description of it

Which file is in texlive-latex-recommended?

snoopy:~/mmbug$ dpkg -S babel.sty
texlive-latex-base: /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/generic/babel/babel.sty
snoopy:~/mmbug$ dpkg -S frenchb
texlive-latex-base: /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/generic/babel/frenchb.cfg
texlive-latex-base: /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/generic/babel/frenchb.ldf

Oh, I see, it's ec package in texlive-latex-recommended. But why does that .tex example file need ec?! Is it a too small bug to be taken into account?

Description: TeX Live: LaTeX recommended packages
A collection of recommended add-on packages for LaTeX which have

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