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Bug#574796: no manpage for pdfcrop

On So, 21 Mär 2010, Hilmar Preuße wrote:
> > There is no manpage for pdfcrop in the current sid/squeeze version

pdfcrop fixed for next upload of texlive-extra

> - otangle.1, omfonts.1 from texlive-omega (aleph.1  odvicopy.1
>   odvitype.1 are in texlive-binaries now)
> - devnag.1 from texlive-lang-indic

both fixed for next upload of texlive-bin

> - bibtex8.1, pdfcrop.1, pdfopen.1 from texlive-extra-utils

bibtex8.1, pdfopen.1 fixed for next upload of texlive-bin
pdfcrop see above

> - /usr/bin/xdvi is again the shell script by TE instead of the perl
>   script we had in stable


> - texconfig-dialog.1 from texlive-base-bin (texlive-binaries)

fixed for next upload of texlive-bin

Best wishes

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