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Re: Bug#564241: maint-guide: Please remove texlive-full from Build-Depends-Indep

severity 564241 wishlist

On 09.01.10 Osamu Aoki (osamu@debian.org) wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 08, 2010 at 05:14:39PM +0100, Hilmar Preusse wrote:


> > your source package declares the package texlive-full as
> > Build-Depends-Indep. This will give you a nearly full TL installation,
> > including all documentation packages. 
> Yes.  That is intended quick fix for FTBFS hell.
Yes, I know. Lowering to wishlist

> >  I don't think that this is necessary for building the package. 
> Please come up with exact list which is guranteed to work and
> maintainable one.  Please note TeX is such a moving target.  Unless
> this kind of catch-all is used, this package becomes FTBFS quite
> often.  I do not have time or skill to quickly keeping up with such
> time killer works.
> Sorry, but this is our situation.
I know the situation (#562318): not only the upgrade packages may
break things, but a changed packaging of us (mostly Norbert) too.
That packaging however mostly changes only when new versions are
released (< 1 time per year). So, once the package list is found
you'll probaby won't have problems for > 1 year.

Maybe I'll find the time to build a list for you.

> > Please consider to reduce the list of packages to these one
> > really needs.
> (This is arch all.  So I am not using anyone else's resource
> either.  So no real damage.  Besides, modern computers come with
> huge space.)
Well, I just typed "apt-get build-deb maint-guide" and found that the
computer wanted to download 550 MB data (mostly doc packages) and I
couldn't believe they really are all needed for building.

Another option would be an package texlive-build-dep depending an all
TL package *except* doc packages. It could be useful for other
packages too. Norbert, what do you think?

sigmentation fault

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