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Bug#485071: Please provide support for including EPS with XeLaTeX

severity 485071 wishlist

On 04.01.10 Faidon Liambotis (paravoid@debian.org) wrote:
> Hilmar Preusse wrote:


> > Please install the xetex.def from CTAN into your local texmf tree,
> > the next version of TL will contain the fix.
> I've done that, yes.
> Is there a particular reason why the Debian-specific patch was
> dropped when the package was updated to TL 2009?  Is it too much of
> a burden to continue carrying the patch to the Debian tree?
Well, the patch was not Debian-specific. We just updated the
xetex.def from upstream (the new 0.93).  As TL 2009 contains a more
recent version we believed it would contain the fix.  Unfortunately
the xetex.def was probably pulled from CTAN *after* the fix was
removed and *before* it was re-introduced.

I'm not sure, if we should re-introduce the patch. On the one hand
we'd like to have a bug-free system on the other hand we don't have
the man power to keep the texmf tree of a system up-to-date between
the TL releases. We'll do it if it is really necessary (i.e. in case
of urgent bugs), but not for withlist items. 

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