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Re: Bug#562318: collatinus: FTBFS: ! LaTeX Error: File `ucs.sty' not found.

On 03.01.10 Norbert Preining (preining@logic.at) wrote:


> How many packages are affected: No idea.
> Yes, the switch from 2007 -> 2009 will have some consequences, but
> in general it is enough to adapt the build dependencies, that
> should suffice (but in some cases).
In TL 2007 we had:

  * make texlive-latex-recommended provide latex-ucs-uninames, latex-ucs,
    latex-ucs-contrib as these Debian packages have been given up for

Should we reintroduce this (this time with texlive-latex-extra) to
minimize impact? The B-Ds have to be fixed anyway?

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