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Bug#562497: texlive-font-utils: epstopdf --filter: Cannot open standard input

On Fr, 25 Dez 2009, Roland Rosenfeld wrote:
> I know, that this is recommended.  But maybe there is some kind of
> "magic" which supports stdin?  If --filter is used, $InputFilename is
> set to "-", maybe 
>  open(IN, '<-')
> works while
>  open(IN, '<', '-')
> is not supported?

$ cat bla.pl
use strict;
open(IN, '<', '-') || warn("Open '<', '-' did not work: $!");
open(IN, '<-') || die("Cannot open stdin: $!");
print "finished\n";
$ perl bla.pl
Open '<', '-' did not work: No such file or directory at bla.pl line 5.

Will be fixed in the next upload.

Best wishes

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