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Bug#560896: E: unable to schedule circular actions 'unpack tex-common 2.02, unpack texlive-common 2009-4'

On Sun, 20 Dec 2009, Eugene V. Lyubimkin wrote:
> > Not sure, why cupt does not succeed.
> I explained the reason already in the bug thread.

Sorry, you didn't give an explanation!! You wrote
>	tex-common: Conflicts: texlive-common (<< 2009)
>	texlive-common: Conflicts: tex-common (<< 2.00)
> This is probably a bug because if someone have lesser versions installed for
> both packages, a package manager cannot proceed with unpacking of any of these.

which is simply *WRONG*. These conflicts are both definitely correct,
sorry, life is like that.

And your statement "a package manager cannot proceed ..." is again 
simply plain wrong. It *IS* working, do
	apt-get dist-upgrade
and it works. What are you talking about? Only because cupt is not
able ... (see next paragraph)

> Norbert, the arguments like "apt somehow does it" won't fly, sorry.
> How do you expect these packages to be upgraded?

Sorry, since when is cupt the default package manager? AFAIR the last 
time I checked APT is the reference implementation, and it works.

If we want cupt working then we *might* do something, but I don't
see much need in it before we haven't straighten out other more
important bugs.

But I guess you should implement some dist-upgrade in cupt, or fix
it in some other way.

Best wishes


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