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Re: Bug#561427: ptex-bin: Can't install the package at TeX Live 2009

On Sa, 19 Dez 2009, Hilmar Preuße wrote:
> As already posted into the bug this does not work: the build fails.

Sorry, haven't seen that (was it sent to this list, too?)

> /home/hille/ptex-bin-3.1.10+0.04b/tetex-src-3.0/texk/web2c/ptex-src-3.1.10/tex2.c:3475: undefined reference to `kpse_make_tex_discard_errors'

defined in kpathsea/types.h

> /home/hille/ptex-bin-3.1.10+0.04b/tetex-src-3.0/texk/web2c/ptex-src-3.1.10/ptexextra.c:839: undefined reference to `kpathsea_debug'

also defined in kpathsea/types.h

> /home/hille/ptex-bin-3.1.10+0.04b/tetex-src-3.0/texk/web2c/ptex-src-3.1.10/ptexextra.c:239: undefined reference to `kpse_program_name'


> Seems there was really an API change in kpathsea5.

So it seems that it should be enough to 
	#include <kpathsea/types.h>

Best wishes

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