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Bug#553907: can't install texlive on squeeze

On 14.12.09 Shaun Morgan (shaun.morgan1@yahoo.com) wrote:


> Regarding closing the bug, I guess it depends on the Debian policy, that is:
> * if a bug is closed when the person reporting the bug is no longer interested in it then yes you should close it. 
> * however, the bug hasn't been solved and may affect others, so it may be of interest to keep it open.
> I'll leave it to you to decide ;).
We don't know if that bug has been solved. The TL packages provide a
lot of reasons, why the installation could fail, and your issue could
have been solved already.  Hence we'd have to research your specific
reason, which is not possible any more. Unless you're willing to
provide your system for researching we have to close it, I guess.

sigmentation fault

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