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Re: Access strauss for build tests

On 12.12.09 Samuel Thibault (sthibault@debian.org) wrote:
> Hilmar Preusse, le Sat 12 Dec 2009 23:04:15 +0100, a écrit :


> > We got http://bugs.debian.org/560800 b/s TeX Live 2009 fails to
> > build on Hurd-i386.  I prepared a patch which is expected to
> > solve the problem.  Before incorporating it into the package and
> > uploading it I'd like to test it on strauss.debian.net.
> I can not access your ssh key on alioth.  Could you send it, signed
> with your GPG key?
My login is hilmar-guest and there are three keys @alioth created by


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