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Bug#560317: dpkg-reconfigure fails on cm-super

reassign 560317 tex-common
retitle 560317 update-texmf-config calls dpkg-trigger even outside maintainer scripts

Thanks for the report, besides the problme that is real (although
I don't see *WHY* dpkg complains, it is called from postinst script
which is called ...), why do you reconfigure cm-super?

> I don't know why the reconfiguration fails while the installation
> is successful, but perhaps you will have some idea. Notice that I

I have no idea why dpkg-trigger complains, but I will inquire about

> have the exact same problem with cm-super-minimal, which is to be
> expected since they use the same scripts.

And with any other package that uses dh_installtex from tex-common
and ships fonts.

Again, thanks for reporting.

Best wishes

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