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Bug#477060: news concerning the amslatex license

Frank Küster wrote:
> Benedikt Ahrens <benedikt.ahrens@gmx.net> wrote:
>> What we could do, if it would help, is add a 00LICENSE file to the
>> current distribution that contains the new license, an explanation of
>> the situation, and a statement that this supersedes the one in the
>> individual files.  I suspect that strictly speaking this is legally
>> dicey, but it would certainly make our intentions clear.
> I think Debian has usually accepted such statements, even as the final
> action.  Not if they say "we intend to contact all copyright holders",
> but if the say "we have confirmed with all copyright holders"
> (explicitly or implicitly).

I've asked the AMS for the 00LICENSE file for the current distribution
and will forward any news I'll receive.


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