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Bug#536476: install-info: The DIR file is generated translated in certain situations

On Fr, 10 Jul 2009, Yavor Doganov wrote:
> invoked by the dpkg trigger, it rebuilds the dir file in Russian
> (because there are no Bulgarian and Macedonian texinfo translations).

I don't know what you mean? The dir file is recreated from all installed
info files using the current system locale.

Does it mean it uses the locale of the *user* account? But how could it
be triggered or even write from a user account?

> correct to rebuild a system-wide dir file translated.  I can read and

I am sure that GNU install-info is not "translating" anything, it saves
in the current locale of root running it.

What is you system locale? If it is bg_BG.UTF-8 the file should be saved
in UTF-8. Can you confirm that?

Or maybe I don't get the issue?!

Best wishes


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