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Bug#535464: [texlive-latex-extra] Partial toc, titletoc and hyperref break

On Do, 02 Jul 2009, Bastien ROUCARIES wrote:
> > Your patch is for a one shot document but does it guarantee that all
> > other documents using hyperref and titletoc/sec work in the same way? If
> > not, so please don't add patch tags randomly.
> I have tested on a lot of documents. The only problem wit hmy patch is
> that I do not test if hyperref was loaded. But it work, in all the
> case. Moreover, I think you are a  little bit rude, free software work
> with patch even bad one.

First: Testing with many of your documents does not mean that it "simply
works in all the cases", maybe in all your cases, but that is called
extrapolation and is hard to verify.

Second, I might be a bit rude, but you missed the point that it is
officially not supported behaviour, see my original email quoting from
the manual.

Last, I cannot understand your sentence:
  "free software work with patch even bad one"

> I will forward.

Thanks, that is the best you can do. We don't have the capacity nor
ability for make each and every package work with each and every other
and each and every combination. It is enough work to package the stuff
as is.

Best wishes


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