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Re: TeX Gyre Fonts, ftp-master email

On Di, 30 Jun 2009, Ralf Stubner wrote:
> > - cyrillic character by Valek Filippov
> > - Vietnamese characters by Han The Thanh
> > 
> > So the question is under which license fall the other chars.
> Both Valek Filippov and Han The Thanh have released their work under
> GNU GPL. This has not changed by the additional license under which

Anyway, this will be resolved, too, private communications.

So I guess we have to wait for the next release of TeX Gyre and that
will be it. There is movement in this area.

> of TeX Gyre Fonts is not good if one wants to be *strict* with
> licenses. It is ok if one allows for a certain degree of fuzziness. I
> am not in the position to decide what is the right thing to do here.

;-) As Viennese, I am for fuzzyness (and as one working in many-valued
logics even more).

As I said, it is anyway irrelevant.

Best wishes


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